Carolina Realty Solutions – We specialize in helping people facing foreclosure to sell their house fast, in ANY CONDITION and IN CASH.

We have worked with a lot of buyers who had been trying to sell their house the traditional way, through a realtor, but it just didn’t work out. Sometimes the buyers are downright picky and if then if they happen to make an offer they have to find financing through a bank. It is no secret that banks have been very fussy when it comes to providing funding to buy a house. The bottom line is that most buyers do not qualify for a home mortgage. As many know, getting a mortgage can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. Another problem that some of the people we have worked with experience is that house-buyers can often delay the closing date for any number of reasons and then rescind their offer to buy their house at the last minute. In other cases they could not find a bank that would lend them money for a mortgage.


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